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In 2002, staggering headlines revealed one Catholic priest's lengthy record of child abuse. When the news broke, Dan Carlson was stunned to learn that the man at the center of the storm was his former parish priest, and someone he thought was a friend. Life-changing news soon followed when Dan learned that his son had been one of this evil priest's victims more than two decades earlier.In this book, Dan recounts the arduous and painful process his son endured in the search of justice and healing from the Catholic Church. He also outlines the problem of Catholic clergy who, though laicized following credible allegations of child abuse, do not have to register as sex offenders under Megan's Law. As such, these individuals face no restrictions on where they can reside or work in unsuspecting communities.Dan concludes with several recommendations for limiting the potential risk these laicized former clergy pose in the neighborhoods where they now live, along with thoughts on the continuing child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

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Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.

God will not hold us guiltless.  Not to

speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.

                           Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Reviews for Vanishing predators

Outstanding Book

"... outstanding, not just for the content and being well written, but more so for the courage and love it took for the  family to come forward with the book.  As a life long Catholic, I cry over what these awful priests have done to children, their families, and the faithful.  I also cry for what the Church has known all along and that nothing was done to reveal the truth.  This is a voice that must be heard ..."

A Significant Contribution

"... this book details, through careful analysis and research, the reality of defrocked priests, having never been criminally prosecuted, still roam among us and present a real risk to our children and grandchildren .  This short, thoughtful work will undoubtedly raise one's level of consciousness, and if only one young person is saved from the incalculable harm of sexual abuse, it will have made a significant contribution ..."

A Police Officer's Perspective

"... as a retired police officer whose son was abused by their parish priest, the author asks the unique and important question: what happens to these predators once they are defrocked?  Who alerts communities that a child sexual predator lives or works in their midst?  This book proposes that much more must be done in this regard, and I wholeheartedly agree ..."

A Great Book

"... a great book from an author with great courage and integrity that he passed on to his family ..."